Studio Fenice S.n.c

Tecniche di restauro e restauro di vetrate - Bottega di arte vetraria - Bologna

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Studio Fenice - Bottega d'arte vetraria

The Studio Fenice opened in 1983 with the aim of continuing the tradition of the medieval stained glass windows workers, that is the craft of making windows with grisaille painted, and fired multicolored enamel tiles, and lead. The Studio was located in the ancient church of Saint Peter the martyr, in origin the church of a dominican convent. In another dominican convent, not far from Saint Peter, in the XV century operated friar Jacob Griesinger o.p. (better known as Blessed James of Ulm) patron saint of glass painters and stained glass window workers. In 2013 the Studio moved in via Sant'Isaia n.30/c .

Here, in downtown Bologna, Americo Corallini and Valeria Bertuzzi create artistic glass windows and they also work on restoring antique glass windows in collaboration with researchers , technicians, and art historians. Dilyana Damyanova Valeva, a graduate at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, joined the studio in 2004.

Restoration & conservation

Studio Fenice has been doing restoration of stained glass windows for more than 20 years, including conservation and interventions on artistic and historical windows.We also create isothermal glazings (a double-glazing with ventilated space). This is the most effective method to ensure the protection and conservation of stained and painted glass. By using the media, we promote the diffusion of our knowledge of the methods and techniques of restoration and conservation.


In addition to stained glass windows, we also create small panels with reproductions of paintings, incisions, and miniatures by artists who lived from the 15th century to the 19th century. These quality works can also be seen in this web site (Catalogues)

Studio Fenice is ​​currently a member of CorpusVitrearum/Italia (Technical Committee).