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Tecniche di restauro e restauro di vetrate - Bottega di arte vetraria - Bologna

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Informazioni e prezzi

Measurements, assemblage procedures , and other useful informations

The measurements of each work can be seen in the related information cards. Our stained glass panels come in the following measurments: 15.81 by 19.76 inches equal to 40 by 50 centimeters; 19.76 by 27. 67 inches equal to 50 by 70 centimeters. Every panel comes with its own warranty certificate.

Since these works are done completely by hand, little differences, in comparison with the items in the catalog, are to be expected . Far from diminishing the quality of the work, these differences actually enhance it .

We offer pieces which, upon asking, can be personalized with names and dates, for weddings and other such events.

The panels can be mounted in wooden or metal frames, so they can be hung in front of a light source .

The panels without frames can be mounted directly in place of glass panes of windows and doors.

A trusted stained glass artist can do that by removing our frame and inserting the panel in a taylor made frame of lead and glass.