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Materiali e modalità di esecuzione

Materials and methods of execution

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Materials and methods of execution
Painting and firing technique
Choosing the subjects
Photographic presentation of stained glass panels in situ


Painting and firing technique

This technique made possible the creation of the great painted church windows throughout the centuries. However that is not the only field in which it was applied. In fact this technique was so perfected, that allowed also the making of miniatures and small works of art to be used in home decoration and to be seen close up. Research and experimentation in this field reached an apex in the large production of the 19th century. The glass masters of the time were in competition with one another to prove their ability in the use of polychrome enamels, thus reaching extraordinary results, but sometimes one thing was lost : the appreciation of the unpainted glass beauty, of its transparency, and of the intense , deep colors already present in the glass itself.

In the following century, the tide turned in the opposite direction, and today glass is again a medium of artistic expression in its own right. On the other hand, the ancient painting and firing technique has been going through a rough time, at least in Italy. In fact it seemed lost, without schools, then something changed again, and today there are still people who wish to try the ancient technique of grisaille painting.

Therefore we have created these small works ( for the 'Catalogues'), the inspiration coming from the history of Saint Bruno in the windows by Paolo di Brondo and Gualtieri di Fiandra at the 'Certosa del Galluzzo', outside Florence. These panels are painted with just brown grisaille and some silver yellow brushstrokes on mouth-blown glass which is transparent and colorless.