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Tecniche di restauro e restauro di vetrate - Bottega di arte vetraria - Bologna

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Home The stained glass art workshop Materials and methods of execution
Materiali e modalità di esecuzione

Materials and methods of execution

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Materials and methods of execution
Painting and firing technique
Choosing the subjects
Photographic presentation of stained glass panels in situ

Choosing the subjects

We thought it would be significant to produce a series of glass works with subjects taken from incisions, paintings, and miniatures by Italian and European artists who worked in the centuries from the 15th through the 19th . It has always been the way of the Italian glass masters to start with a drawing by a professional artist and to arrive at the so called cartoon , for the stained glass panel plan, done by the glass artist.

We have chosen in first place Albrecht Durer, who has always been loved by glass artists, and Carlo Crivelli . Then we have chosen artists who are not well known , such as miniature artist Giovanna Garzoni , and artists who are well known, such as Mantegna, Solario and il Sassoferrato, and we have gone freely until Edward Burne-Jones.

With the production of these glass works, we want to show the quality and the possibilities of the painting and firing technique.